Upgrade Your Safety Rating

Upgrade Your Safety Rating

Why be concerned

A Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating brings questions from customers, rate increases or cancellations from insurers and increased attention from regulatory authorities. FMCSA is increasing their oversight with motor carriers leading to increased compliance reviews.

Conditional or Unsatisfactory Safety Rating

When you are assigned a Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating the FMCSA has determined that you do not have “adequate safety management controls in place to ensure compliance with the safety fitness standard.” If left unaddressed, this non–compliance could ultimately lead to a motor carrier losing the ability to operate.

Today’s regulatory enforcement activities are driven toward paying attention to motor carriers as identified by high SMS scores and less than Satisfactory safety ratings. This prioritizes your trucks for an increased level of roadside inspections which potentially increases the number of violations discovered and further deteriorates your ratings.

The Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating usually is the result of a compliance review conducted by a state or federal enforcement officer. The officer determines the violations and a rating is assigned based on the following categories:

  1. Adequacy of safety management controls.
  2. Frequency and severity of regulatory violations.
  3. Frequency and severity of driver/vehicle regulatory violations.
  4. Number and frequency of out–of–service driver/vehicle violations.
  5. Increase or decrease in similar types of regulatory violations.
  6. Frequency of accidents; hazardous materials incidents; accident rate per million miles; indicators of preventable accidents; and whether such accidents, hazardous materials incidents, and preventable accident indicators have increased or declined over time.
  7. Number and severity of violations of CMV and motor carrier safety rules, regulations, standards, and orders.

Develop A Path To Improvement

Satisfactory Rating Improvement Plan

The first order of business is to understand the deficiencies and what controls were missing.

Once that task is complete, you need to convince FMCSA that you now deserve a rating upgrade to Satisfactory. A motor carrier must base their request on evidence that they have taken the corrective action identified in their safety management controls, as well as developed and implemented a sustainable plan to bring the company into compliance.

FMCSA is overbooked with other rating upgrades and compliance reviews. So, getting the rating upgrade approved takes time. You do not want the FMCSA to delay your rating upgrade because your request was not complete. NTCI has the experience and expertise to develop a comprehensive safety management plan. Don’t run the risk of your plan being denied or delayed. Contact NTCI to develop your safety management plan and rating upgrade request.

Forge A Strong Partnership

A partnership with National Transportation Consultants will bring expertise and a new set of “eyes” to examine past practices, help you develop an improvement plan and recommend solutions. Our former FMCSA investigators know how to craft a “compelling” solution and can recommend strategies to implement that plan.

An examination of business practices has also led many national companies to outsource key safety and compliance functions to NTCI. Some of the benefits are:

  • More efficient handling of your safety and compliance program
  • Support from qualified people in all phases of safety, compliance, and regulations
  • Reduced personnel costs
  • Allow you more time to focus on your core business

When you partner with NTCI, we are not just your consultant, but also your partner in safety and compliance, providing you with a customized safety and compliance program that reduces your safety and regulatory exposure.

For help with your safety rating, contact NTCI today.