Driver Log Auditing

Driver Log Auditing

NTCI uses state-of-the-art trucking log audit programs to monitor your driver logs, time records and EOBR's. In addition to auditing the data for hours of service and form and manner violations, we will also design a comprehensive program to verify your driver logs for date and time accuracy. Our system will generate a variety of individualized reports for the safety director and violation notices to the drivers.

Below are just a few of the benefits of the NTCI log audit program:

  • Specific auditor assigned to your account who understands your company and log policies.
  • Auditors trained in the Hours of Service Regulations.
  • Cost effectiveness compared internal personnel costs.
  • Logs scanned directly to NTCI. No need to mail the paper copies.
  • Logs may be scanned from multiple locations.
  • Time cards audits.
  • Intra-state and exempted carriers are audited.
  • All types of log formats are compatible with the audit program. No need to purchase expensive scannable log books.
  • Data from EOBR devises can be imported into our log audit program and analyzed to ensure your drivers are in compliance with the Hours of Service Regulations.

Customized Letters

Customized Letters to address the specific needs of your company.

Management Reports

Management Reports that allow you to focus on the violations and repeat violators.

Electronic Downloading

Electronic Downloading of the driverís logs directly into the NTCI audit program.

Internet Based Storage

Internet Based Storage ensures your logs are available for retrieval.

Hours of Service

Hours of Service violations are identified by type of violation, length of violation and driver.

Form & Manner

Form and Manner violations in addition to carrier required items identified.


Date and Time Verifications using the same documents that are used by the DOT.