Comprehensive Fleet Safety and Compliance Programs

Comprehensive Fleet Safety and Compliance Programs

NTCI’s Fleet Safety Services Program, which is a comprehensive outsourced safety and compliance program that includes the following:

Driver Qualification File Maintenance

  • Set-up drivers in the file maintenance program to allow access anytime and anywhere
  • Compile and maintain all necessary documentation in our proven file format
  • Audit files for compliance
  • Note areas of non-compliance AND follow-up to obtain documents and ensure compliance
  • Notify client when drivers' licenses, physical exams and Hazardous Materials re-training are due for renewal
  • Notify client when an annual MVR is required to be pulled for compliance with FMCSA requirements
  • Purge files automatically that are outside of the required retention period for FMCSA compliance

Document and Registration Services

  • Provide access, at no additional usage charge, to proven and compliant documents such as DVIRs, driver applications, background checks, etc.
  • Update your MCS-150 as needed and on an annual basis

Drug and Alcohol Program Oversight

  • Oversee drug and alcohol testing programs to ensure FMCSA compliance
  • Monitor testing percentages for compliance
  • Ensure negative pre-employment tests are received before the driver performs a safety-sensitive function
  • Review chain of custody forms for accuracy

Compliance and Safety Help Line

  • Provide access, at no additional usage charge, to trained professionals to answer questions on fleet safety and compliance, including emergency assistance when needed

Maintenance File Reviews

  • Ensure that annual inspections are documented and current
  • Review technician qualifications to perform annual inspections as required under §396.19 of the FMCSR
  • Review technician qualifications to perform brake repairs as required under §396.25 of the FMCSR

Roadside Inspection and Accident Reviews

  • Review each accident and/or roadside inspection report
  • Follow-up to ensure that repair orders exist for issues identified in roadside inspections
  • Verify whether the accident should be a DOT recordable crash
  • Verify whether a drug and alcohol test was required following a DOT recordable crash
  • Document reasons that a drug and alcohol test was, or was not, administered
  • Data Q, as needed, accident and/or roadside inspection reports
  • Monitor SMS data to ensure that all inspections are reviewed and copies are on file
  • Identify trends by driver

Hours of Service Review and Audit

  • Set-up drivers in log auditing program
  • Import driver logs, time sheets and/or ELD data into auditing software
  • Audit for form and manner violations
  • Audit for hours of service violations
  • Audit for date and time discrepancies
  • Audit for status abuse on ELDs
  • Provide summaries of violations by driver/fleet/terminal
  • Provide individual summaries of violations for each driver in a format to use for training and feedback
  • Maintain files in log auditing program for period required for FMCSA compliance
  • Automatically purge files that are outside of the required retention period for FMCSA compliance

Online Driver Management Tools

  • Set-up secure client-specific website with safeguards to segregate data as required under the FMCSR and allow for multiple levels of access (i.e. Administrator, Supervisor, Driver) across any internet-enabled device
  • Create a dashboard allowing for easy management of upcoming compliance events
  • Provide access to all fleet-specific forms and documents
  • Allow for review, printing or emailing of driver qualification file documents
  • Enable easy uploading of documents by drivers and/or supervisors over PC, tablet or smartphone

Online Driver Application

NTCI offers an online driver application that can be customized to meet certain client-specific requirements. This allows for a streamlined driver onboarding process and helps to ensure the creation of compliant driver qualification files from the beginning. The online application is available through a secure website and is compatible with a variety of devices to ensure ease of access. It is integrated with our Online Driver Management Tools, but is separated as an optional service to provide flexible solutions for our clients.

Online Maintenance File and DVIR Management

We use an integrated Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) process that has an inherent feedback loop for compliance auditing. The system allows the driver to use a smartphone or tablet to conduct the DVIR and note any defects that require repair. The driver can make notes and/or attach pictures of the defect for maintenance. The system collects the required document approvals required under the FMCSR. (1. Driver submitting the DVIR. 2. Maintenance completing the work noted on the DVIR. 3. Driver acknowledging completion of the maintenance items noted on the DVIR.) To that end, there is an audit trail to ensure that each DVIR is completed in a manner that is compliant with the FMCSR.

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