Driver Logs and ELD Compliance

Driver Logs and ELD Compliance

Driver Logs and ELD Compliance

NTCI uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor your driver logs, time records and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). NTCI can help your company, whether you are using ELDs, paper logs, or a combination of both. In addition to auditing the data for hours of service and form and manner violations, we will also design a comprehensive program to verify your driver logs for date and time accuracy. Our system will consolidate data from ELDs, paper logs and time cards to generate a variety of individualized reports and/or dashboards for the safety director and violation notices to the drivers.

Our service differs from many of our competitors who simply scan logs through a computer system and provide a list of violations for clients to interpret. We utilize technology to audit logs, but also put “eyes on each log” to review for errors that otherwise may be missed. We also cross check against checkpoint data to identify issues that an enforcement officer would find on an audit. As a result, we know our service quality is better.

Hours of Service Review and Audit

  • Set-up drivers in log auditing program.
  • Import driver logs, time sheets and/or ELD data into auditing software.
  • Audit for form and manner violations.
  • Audit for hours of service violations.
  • Audit for date and time discrepancies.
  • Audit for status abuse on ELDs
  • Provide summaries of violations by driver/fleet/terminal.
  • Provide individual summaries of violations for each driver in a format to be shared for training and feedback.
  • Maintain files in log auditing program for period required for FMCSA compliance.
  • Automatically purge files that are outside of the required retention period for FMCSA compliance.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Short-Haul Exception Monitoring

  • Monitor the number of days in a 30-day period that each driver is required to complete a log
  • Allow fleets to easily track which drivers are approaching levels that would require an ELD
  • Provide a short-haul exception letter for drivers to carry in the vehicle explaining their status

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